Specialist Cleaning and Anti-Slip Solutions

Slips and trips are the most common cause of major accidents both at work and in public spaces, costing businesses and local authorities more than £512 million per year in compensation and legal fees.

Offering a fast nationwide service, we have the experience, knowledge and technology to reduce hazards and risks associated with slippery floors providing a safer environment for employees and customers. 

Slip Resistance Testing

The pendulum slip test has been recognised by the HSE as a reliable and robust test to provide accurate analysis on the slip potential of all type of flooring. We test to British Standard 7976 and EN14231  We offer a comprehensive slip testing service including a full report detailing methods and results.

Whether it is a one off test or an on-going approach we tailor our service around the needs of our client.

Have a new project? Our in house laboratory allows us to conduct offsite tests of floor samples for a small fee to ensure all new floors will meet HSE regulations once laid – saving time and money in testing afterwards.

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Anti-Slip Treatments

We have worked with a wide range of sectors throughout the UK including hotels, leisure facilities, pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants, swimming pools and hospitals.

Our anti-slip  treatments can be applied quickly and easily and require no drying or curing so providing a quick safe convenient solution for those times where minimising “downtime” is essential.

We offer a fully guaranteed service and reports and certificates are supplied on completion of any project.

Deep Cleaning

Do you have a floor which looks dirty and old?

A dirty floor can also mean a slippery floor – our deep cleans can restore the natural slip resistant properties of the floor and also to enhance the appearance, ensuring that the floor meets HSE regulations.

We provide onward care recommendations and cleaning schedules and products to assist in the onward maintenance of your floor ensuring the surface stays at its optimum both in terms of aesthetics and safety.

Floor Restoration

Let us help you restore your floors – back to their best.

For renovation projects we can offer advice and services to provide long term solutions to maintain the natural beauty of the stone.

For newly laid floors it is essential to establish the correct sealing and cleaning measures as soon as the surface  is laid.

Whether you have marble, travertine, limestone or porcelain we can restore your floor back to looking great.



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